Welcome Arjun Aditham and Scott Longwell!

Arjun and Scott have decided to join the lab as permanent members, and we are psyched!

Arjun graduated with a BS in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley, where he previously worked in Carolyn Bertozzi's lab using chemistry to explore microbiology.  He's now a graduate student in Bioengineering here at Stanford.

Scott graduated with a BA in Biochemistry and a minor in Computer Science from Bowdoin College, where he used bioorthogonal chemistry and mass spectrometry to study bacterial protein glycosylation.  After that, he worked at the Broad Institute in an analytical chemistry lab that supported drug discovery efforts.  Scott is also a graduate student in Bioengineering here.

Welcome Tyler Shimko!

Tyler Shimko has recently joined the Fordyce Lab as a permanent member! Tyler graduated with a BS in Biology from University of Utah in 2015 and is now a graduate student with the Department of Genetics.

Welcome, Tyler!

Bioengineering Retreat 2016!

Craig Markin gave a talk at the BioE retreat, and Adam, Kara, and Dan presented posters.  Adam and Kara's poster was awarded first prize - congratulations, Adam and Kara!

Welcome, Linfeng and Theo!

We are lucky to have Linfeng Yang and Theo Susanto rotating with us for the fall quarter from Bioengineering and Genetics, respectively.  Welcome, Linfeng and Theo!  In lab parlance, we are super jazzed and psyched to have you!

Congratulations to Kara on her seed grant!

Kara Brower and her team of fellow graduate students (Saara Khan, Masamitsu Kanada, Natalie Telis, and Evan Boyle) were just awarded a student-initiated seed grant from the Stanford Center for Systems Biology for developing a novel platform to study the epithelial/mesenchymal transition in metastasis.  You can read about the award here - congratulations, Kara!!!

Welcome Craig Markin!

We are also excited to welcome Craig Markin, the very first postdoctoral scholar in the lab!  Craig received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Alberta for work done in the lab of Leo Spyracopoulos studying molecular mechanisms that drive ubiquitin signaling and DNA damage response.  He will be working as a joint postdoc between our lab and Dan Herschlag's lab to develop new high-throughput methods for quantitative measurement of enzyme kinetics.  Welcome, Craig!


Welcome Chantal Guegler!

We are excited to welcome our new research associate, Chantal. Here she is pictured with her very first Fordyce Lab IDT order! Chantal recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Chemical Biology and plans to work on the MITOMI platform. Welcome to the group! 

Seeking applicants for joint postdoctoral position with Novartis and NIST/ABMS!

The Fordyce Lab at Stanford University is seeking applicants for a postdoctoral position working closely with NIST/ABMS and Novartis to develop and validate a new critical next-generation diagnostic test with direct implications for human health.  This unique position will include opportunities for close interaction with Novartis scientists, making it ideal for highly skilled and motivated recent PhD graduates interested in acquiring valuable industry-relevant experience.  Responsibilities will include both evaluating current methods of quantitative detection of RNA transcripts and developing new cutting-edge techniques for nucleic acid detection.  Experience with qRT-PCR, genome-wide sequencing, other quantitative molecular biology techniques, and/or novel assay development is required.  Experience with microfluidic device design and fabrication is a plus but is not required.  Interested applicants should send their CV and contact information for 3 references to: pfordyce at stanford dot edu.

Welcome to Naomi and Chris!

Naomi Genuth (from Biology) and Chris Probert (from Genetics) have decided to join us for their spring rotations.  Welcome, Naomi and Chris!

More lab firsts!

Kara Brower and Robert Puccinelli successfully designed, fabricated, and tested the lab's first new microfluidic device, shown here in all of its glory:

This event, in turn, was celebrated by the lab's first consumption of fine scotch and chocolate:

A series of lab firsts

This quarter, we welcomed Kara Brower, David Morgens, and Eli Moss as rotation students in the lab.  Our equipment is finally mostly in place, meaning we were able to run our first lab gel and fabricate our first wafers.  Here's some evidence, in the form of lab selfies:

First lab gel!

First lab gel!

First wafer fabrication!

First wafer fabrication!

Robert Puccinelli joins the Fordyce lab!

We'd like to welcome Robert Puccinelli as the first member of the lab!  Robert recently graduated from UC Merced with degrees in both physics and biology and is joining us to work as a research technician.  Welcome, Robert!