MITOMI device design files

PF4k devices

These devices contain about 4000 different chambers, with 2 devices arranged per wafer.  Due to the large size of these devices, they are somewhat tricky to fabricate - if it's possible to get away with 1500 chambers, we suggest using the PC1k device designs (linked below).


PC1k devices

These devices contain about 1500 different chambers, with 5 devices arranged per wafer.  The chambers are arranged in X rows of X chambers each, with a pitch of XX between rows and a pitch of XX between chambers.

Spectrally encoded bead imaging device design files

Serpentine channel devices

These devices are designed to flow spectrally encoded beads into a linear serpentine array for imaging.  The imaging channel is about 55 microns wide by 55 microns tall with a sieve valve at the end, so it can be used to trap anything of around that size.  There are 3 outputs at the end, which can be used for rudimentary object sorting.

AZ50 XT valve test device design files

AZ50 XT valve height test devices

These devices contain a series of rounded valves ranging from 50 to 250 um wide and from 150 to 1225 um in length, and can be used to optimize rounded photoresist fabrication protocols.